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The Legaleze

Okay, here is the disclaimer that is required so that everyone listening is clear about the fact that your decisions with your money are your responsibility. Not only do I agree with this, but I believe that this is one of the core premises in your journey around the development of your Mind of Money. So basically, take responsibility for what is happening in your financial life. Make your own decisions and reap your own rewards! Here is how it sounds legally:

All videos and interviews are for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation, offering, or recommendation by Douglass Lodmell or any of my guests, or any affiliates of any product, transaction, or service, including securities transactions and investment management or advisory services. These views expressed in this publication represent opinions and are subject to change without notice at any time. The information and opinions should not in any way be construed to be investment, financial, tax, or legal advice or other professional advice, research or service, and should not be relied on in making any investment or other decisions.

Certain information may be based upon information received from sources Douglass and his guests consider reliable; however, no one represents that such information is accurate or complete. Certain statements contained herein may constitute “projections,” “forecasts” and other “forward-looking statements” which do not reflect actual results and are based primarily upon applying retroactively a hypothetical set of assumptions to certain historical financial information. Any opinions, projections, forecasts and forward-looking statements presented herein, directly or indirectly, are opinions based on information available at the time and are not necessarily accurate and are subject to change. Past performance does not guarantee future results. In fact, you can pretty much declare that there are no guarantees in life at all, so don’t fool yourself into thinking there are.

You Get it – It’s Your Money, Act like it!

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