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These videos are MUST SEE reference material for understanding the current state of Money and how our system is currently developed.

OVERVIEW STARTING POINT VIDEO: How the Economic Machine Works
This video is an excellent place to start. It highlights the overall economic machine and explains the critical point that debt is money. It is highly accessible and recommend you begin here.

This video highlights the very nature of Money in the world today. The point is that Money is created as debt. Whether this seems obvious or doesn’t the implications of this are likely NOT something you are familiar with. This understanding is critical and primary which is why this video is first. Enjoy!


PRIMARY VIDEO SERIES #2 (The Ascent of Money)
This Video presents a very comprehensive look at the history and development of money! This is a pre-requisite for understanding today’s issues.

PRIMARY VIDEO SERIES #3 (The Crash Course)
This Series of videos is extensive and extremely relevant. I cannot stress enough how important it is to combine the concepts with the first video regarding the monetary system, which will be repeated in this series, with the additional concepts of Energy, Peak Oil, and the Environment which are highlighted here. Watch all of this series!

PRIMARY VIDEO SERIES # 4 (Monetary Reform)
With a proper understanding of our monetary system, it is quite evident that our debt-money system is not sustainable. The question is what can we do about it? Bill Still is a writer/director and monetary reformist. He produced a documentary in 1995 called “The Money Masters” in which he explains the history of money and the global banking cartel. He does an excellent job of explaining the global banking system and how money is created not in the public interest, but in the interest of only the few at the top.  His newest documentary, “The Secret of OZ”, proposes a very simple solution to our economic problems that is deliberately being hidden from the public by the private banking system.

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Emma Schubert July 10, 2011 at 8:26 am

A Great education on a topic that often is a hidden deal…Thank You

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