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The Mind of Money is YOUR MIND! You have been developing it all of your life. Your experiences around money are a direct result of this mind. And you have control of it! Although I bet you don’t feel like you do sometimes.

This Conversation is about helping you to DEVELOP the Mind of Money that you want. The first step is to UNDERSTAND how and what money is, both for yourself and the culture and society you are a part of. This begins by beginning to question your assumptions and beliefs about what money is.

Once you Grok money, then you can begin to develop your Mind of Money. And all of this begins with questions. Questions like: “What relationship do I have with Money? What do I think money is? What do I want money for? If I could have all I wanted/needed, would I care about money? Do I want to hold it or let if flow through me? Who in the world today would I use as a role model? Where is all of the money in the world right now? What would I do if I could waive a wand and make money obey me?”

By beginning with these questions you will begin to see where you already are and where you may want to go.

So let’s begin developing your Mind of Money! Pick a conversation below and begin your journey. I promise you will not regret developing your MIND OF MONEY.

- Douglass S. Lodmell

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