Solutions to a broken monetary system

by chris on June 21, 2014

As Bill Still, Robert Prechter and a host of others have explained, our monetary system today is based on debt. Contrary to what most think, our money is NOT created by the government, but rather by the private banking system, as debt. Virtually every dollar in circulation must be borrowed into existence, while non-debt money makes up a mere one ten-thousandth of our money supply. You may be saying, “So money is created as debt, what’s the matter with that?” The main issue with our debt-money system, among many, is that every time new debt money is created, it must be paid back with interest. A good example of this is the U.S. Government bond market. The U.S. government obtains revenue for infrastructure spending and to meet its obligations in two main ways: collecting tax revenue, and issuing debt. Whatever money the government can’t collect in taxes they borrow from investors who are willing to lend it. This includes both foreign and domestic investors. The government is constantly going deeper into debt, and all the while interest must be paid on these debt securities. The problem with this is that the interest can never be created. Every time new debt money is created, let’s call that Principle (P), Principal plus interest (P+I) must ultimately be repaid once the debt is ultimately retired (in the case of U.S. government securities, when the securities come to their maturity). However, only the principle is created. So, in order to pay back the existing debt, new debt must be created, but that must be paid back with interest as well. Ultimately, what we have is a never ending spiral of debt, whereby new debt must be created to service the existing debt. If this sounds familiar it should, as this system of money creation is nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme not unlike Bernie Madoff’s. Ultimately, I believe this debt bubble will burst, and really has already started to burst in 2005-2008, and the result will be devastating.

There is good news however. We as a sovereign nation do NOT have to endure this system and all the fraud associated with it. A gentleman by the name of Bill Still directed the money masters back in 1995. In it, he explains in detail the history of the United States monetary system. He illustrates how the banking cartel and the Federal Reserve helped private bankers regain control over our money supply and set the stage for the fraudulent monetary system we have today. Mr. Still predicted the economic crisis that continues to unfold before us. He described why this debt money system was doomed to plunge the country into an economic crisis that would not end until we addressed the fundamental issue at hand: Not what backs our

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money, but who controls its quantity. He explains that the only way out of this situation is to restore monetary power back to the people through their elected representatives in congress. Now let’s fast-forward to today. The world economy is suffering from the deepest economic downturn since the great depression. Many are talking about the “recovery” that began in June 2009. But what has changed? All that has happened is the authorities have thrown more money at the problem to try

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to sustain our unsustainable debt Ponzi scheme. We are in a depression, and it’s not going to get any better until we address the fundamental problem at hand.

The good news is, with enough help and support; we can do something about it. Sovereign nations do not have to borrow, nations can create. Governments can simply issue the money they need. Many will argue that if you give governments the power to do that, they will print too much money and cause hyperinflation. But that is exactly what we have already endured. The hyperinflation has been not paper money inflation but credit inflation that has come with interest. A system of sovereign money is all that stands in the way of the road towards serfdom that we are currently headed on.


Not Enough Risk??

by admin on June 21, 2014

Life is Risky! This is perhaps one of the most self-validated beliefs of humanity. We see it everywhere. Industries are built around it. Lives are lived avoiding it. And fortunes are made and lost betting on it.

Virtually everything we do can be defined as a risk event. Just being born exposes us to a .011% risk of dying before we even get out of the gate, at least if you live in Mississippi. If you happen to live in Angola then it rockets up to over 18%!


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face it – Life is risky business! And we learn from a young age that we need to be careful out there. In fact, for most of us spend the entire first 20 years of our lives learning how to recognize and primarily, avoid risk. And we have incorporated these early lessons deeply into our psyche in unconscious patterns and beliefs that drive virtually every aspect of our lives.

But this post is not really about risk itself. This is just an means to an end. This post is about a realization I have had in the past 2 years which has radically transformed my own personal investment decisions. This in turn has radically changed financial projections for both time and level of available retirement income. And I am further going to guess that you will be a bit surprised by what I have learned.

I now understand that myself and most of my clients have been operating with a miserably inadequate risk analysis protocol which routinely over-rates risk and hence directs us to making poor decisions about how to invest our money (and spend our precious lives too). In particular, we are hard-wired to actually avoid the very investments and opportunities which present the greatest chances for our personal and financial freedom, out of an unreasonable fear of loss.

What I am saying is that we fear too much and we pay dearly for it!

I know this is a pretty big statement, and more likely to be the introduction of a whole book, than a blog post. But this is so important to me to share with my clients that I am simply going to get it out in the most direct way possible and keep this simple.

You need to increase your bandwidth! That’s it. No rocket science here, just a simple adjustment to the range of options you are willing and able to consider. That means if the safest investment option you use is Municipal Bonds, then you need to consider something even safer, say cash. If the riskiest investment you now have is a growth stock fund, then you need to add a Venture Capital Investment or a Hedge Fund.
Why? Simple – Better Results.

Take a look at the above chart. This curve probably looks familiar. It’s called Power Curve or an exponential curve. It works for a great many things like population or returns on investments over time. It also works for returns on investments at different levels of risk. If you notice the lines I’ve drawn called “Retail Options” you will see that this is the band you are most likely in yourself. The problem with limiting yourself to the retail band is not that these investments are not reasonable, it’s that they are simple the least efficient of all the options. Why are they inefficient?


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